ZENKO Henoko Anti-Base Project (ZHAP)

ZHAP is an anti-war campaign based in Okinawa fighting against the construction of the new US military base in Henoko, which a recent referendum shows over 72% of Okinawans oppose the construction of. The movement against the US base is made up of a wide coalition of progressive forces in Japan including ZENKO, Movement for Democratic Socialism, the Communist Party of Japan, labor unions, anti-war activists, and native Ryukyuans who over the past decades have consistently opposed US military presence in Japan.

DSA reaffirms our Political Platform commitment to fighting for closing all foreign US military bases and demanding reparations for the human and environmental destruction caused by US toxic military sites. We stand in solidarity with comrades in Okinawa fighting against the construction of the new US military base in Henoko!

To voice your own opposition to the construction of the US military base in Henoko, sign on to endorse the campaign and message your Congressional representatives!

NO-KINAWA: Stop Construction of New U.S. Military Base in Henoko

Panelists: Fumihiro Mori, Masanori Okuma, Patterson Deppen
March 19, 2022

Join the DSA International Committee and ZHAP (ZENKO Henoko Anti-base Project) for an urgent call to action to prevent the construction of a new US military base in the already heavily militarized islands of Okinawa. Panelists include Fumihiro Mori of ZENKO, Masanori Okuma of Okinawa Drone Project, and Patterson Deppen of DSA IC.

ZENKO Video Message to 2021 DSA Convention

Speaker: Seishi Hinada
August 2021

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