Past work on Yemen

On January 28, 2019, DSA’s International Committee hosted a nationwide membership call on Yemen. Organized by DSA members Shana East and Danny Postel, the call also included invited guests Hassan El-Tayyab, co-director of Just Foreign Policy, Shireen Al-Adeimi, Yemeni Activist, Michigan State University Professor, In These Times contributor Jehan Hakim, Yemeni-American activist and chair of the Yemeni Alliance Committee.

Yemeni-American activist and chair of the Yemeni Alliance Committee Jehan Hakim calls for a stop to the war on Yemen.

In a letter to membership inviting them to join the call, DSA National Director Maria Svart made the case for member support:

“With U.S. military support, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have bombed hospitals, health clinics, schools, factories, markets, residential areas, even school buses full of children, killing thousands of Yemeni civilians. The Saudi-Emirati “coalition” has blockaded the ports of Yemen and cut off the flow of food, fuel, medicine and clean water, resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet, with 16 million people on the brink of famine and cholera infecting over 10,000 Yemenis every week.

“The DSA International Committee calls on the United States to end support for this criminal military intervention in Yemen and supports the massive national grassroots effort to end these horrific crimes. Monday, February 4, is a National Day of Action to Stop the War in Yemen. And the DSA International Committee needs all hands on deck!”