DSA Venezuela Solidarity

DSA stands in solidarity with Venezuela and voices our broad support for self-determination and socialism in the country, free of continued US interference and sanctions. At the 2019 convention DSA passed a resolution to continue building ties with mass socialist parties in Latin America and at the 2021 convention similarly another resolution to expand on this work and join the São Paulo Forum. As outlined in the DSA Political Platform, DSA affirms our commitment to work to normalize relations with Venezuela, defend the sovereign right of the Venezuelan people to determine their internal matters, and oppose any sanctions and other forms of foreign interventions.

Solidarity with the people of Venezuela! Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution!

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Venezuelan Feminist Tour

Venezuelan activists: Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M.
May 28 – June 11, 2022

DSA International Committee and CODEPINK teamed up to host three Venezuelan feminist activists, Mónica M., Anggie H. and Yolimar M., to the United States to discuss the impact of illegal US sanctions against their country and how they disproportionately hurt women and children. Between May 28th and June 11th, they toured 7 US cities: NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Durham (NC), Portland (OR), San Francisco, and Los Angeles to end as guest speakers at The People’s Summit. Local DSA chapters hosted the delegations and coordinated local events as they traveled across the country to speak about life under illegal US sanctions and the Venezuelan resistance to hybrid war.

DSA Venezuela Delegation: Electoral Observers

DSA delegates: Luisa M., Marvin Gonzalez, Austin Gonzalez
November, 2021

Our second delegation to Venezuela was to attend as official election observers for the November 2021 mega-elections. These elections included over 1,000 different offices both at the state and municipal level with over 70,000 candidates running across the country. DSA obtained official observer credentials for the first time in DSA’s modern history and our delegation witnessed the democratic process playout in the barrios of Caracas that we were assigned to.

DSA Venezuela Delegation: Congreso Bicentenario de los Pueblos del Mundo

DSA delegates: Luisa M., Austin Gonzalez, Jen M, Carrington Morris, Kristian Hernandez, Marvin Gonzalez, Sean Estelle, Tom Wojcik
June, 2021

Our first delegation to Venezuela was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo which secured Venezuela’s independence from the Spanish monarchy. We utilized this time to meet with many international left organization and political movements during the Bicentennial Congress of the People’s of the World. We also partnered with the Institute of Simon Bolivar in visiting various Venezuelan communes both in Caracas and in the countryside of Anzoátegui, as well as meeting with various leaders in Latin America including Nicolas Maduro, Jaime Vargas, and Evo Morales.

Illegal Sanctions Against Venezuela: A Feminist Human Rights Perspective

Panelists: Leonardo Flores, Maria Lucrecia Hernandez, Laura Franco
October 23, 2021

2021 DSA Convention Greetings

Speaker: Carlos Ron, Simon Bolivar Institute
August, 2021

DSA Venezuela Delegation Report Back

DSA speakers: Blanca Estevez, Marvin Gonzalez, Jen M, Tom Wojcik, Kristian Hernandez, Austin Gonzalez, Luisa M., Carrington Morris
July 18, 2021

DSA IC condemns illegal sanctions against Venezuela by the US government

September 17, 2021

The Democratic Socialists of America commits its unwavering support in the fight against illegal sanctions by the United States and any other form of economic warfare against the country of Venezuela. We urge the UN General Assembly to debate these criminal acts with fidelity and outside the influence of the United States. We not only demand an immediate end to illegal sanctions but immediate reparations to every Venezuelan who has been impacted by this devastating form of warfare.

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DSA International Committee condemns historic and ongoing U.S. meddling in Venezuela’s internal affairs and voices its broad support for democracy and socialism in the nation

March 9, 2021

DSA IC calls on DSA-endorsed candidates and elected officials to use their positions to decry all U.S. interference in Venezuela, and on its chapters and members to organize protests against this interference and hold educational events to learn more about how to support movements for Bolivarian socialism in the 21st century.

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Call on the Biden administration to lift the US sanctions on Venezuela:

Voice your own opposition to US sanctions on Venezuela to your elected representatives:

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