DSA: Peace In Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a disaster for working class people in Ukraine, the region, and a terrible threat to us all, including increasing the danger of nuclear war and exacerbating global economic crises. We oppose the Russian invasion and call for the withdrawal of Russian troops through a settled ceasefire agreement. We recognize that the expansion of NATO and the aggressive approach of Western nations have helped cause the crisis and we demand an end to NATO expansion. We also oppose US and NATO military interventionism and the tens of billions in military aid and weapons shipments which only further exacerbates the war and undermine a negotiated settlement, as well as sanctions that will harm ordinary Russians. We call on the US and other countries to welcome refugees fleeing the war and provide needed humanitarian aid.

Join us as we build a massive, unified global anti-war response to say No to War in Ukraine; Yes to Diplomacy and Peace.

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The War in Ukraine, Impacts and Perspectives: Women, Workers, and Global South

August 28, 2022

Join us for an anti-war DSA webinar on the war in Ukraine and its impacts on women, workers, and the global south. The event features left perspectives from Ukraine, the region, and others who will talk on opposition to militarism, regional anti-war organizing, and what a resolution to end the war and avoid a larger conflict could look like.


Demand Diplomacy, Not Military Escalations

July 13, 2022

On May 19th, 2022, the U.S. Congress approved a $40 billion aid package in response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the second bill of its kind in two months. It includes $19 billion in weapons and military aid and $6 billion for the Pentagon and NATO members. The package makes Ukraine the recipient of more than $30 billion in military aid this year, more than any other nation.

We recognize the urgent need for humanitarian aid, but we are deeply concerned that continued weapons shipments will prolong the war in Ukraine and discourage a negotiated settlement. While a ceasefire and a total withdrawal of Russian troops would be the surest and quickest way to peace, we strongly oppose escalations from the U.S., including further weapons shipments, for the following reasons:

  1. It will needlessly prolong the war, resulting in more civilian deaths. It risks escalating and widening the war – up to and including nuclear war.
  2. It is funneling billions of taxpayer dollars to the Pentagon and the military industrial complex at a time when ordinary Americans are struggling to pay for housing, groceries, and fuel. This is a payout to weapons manufacturers and war profiteers, which will increase their lobbying power and further entrench militarism in American politics.
  3. The billions in US taxpayers’ dollars are desperately needed to address vital American needs at home, such as an overburdened health care system, our affordable housing crisis, a failing education system, decaying public transit, and the existential threat of climate change.

Let us be as clear as possible: investing billions in yet another war is a slap in the face for working people. Congress has failed to pass legislation that addresses the rising costs of healthcare, housing, childcare, transportation, and food. This is an embarrassment and a failure.

Please write your representative and tell them to stand against militarism, to advocate for diplomacy and de-escalation, and to fight for an economy of peace that puts the needs of working-class people first.

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Madrid Peace Summit 2022: NO to NATO

June 24-26

DSA International Committee is proud to be a co-sponsor and attendee of the 2022 Madrid Peace Summit, which was organized to counter the NATO summit in Madrid and highlight anti-war, left voices across Europe to call for an end to NATO expansionism and for peace in Europe.

Thousands take to streets against upcoming NATO summit in Madrid, Spain

Solidarity Message to Russian Left Against the War in Ukraine

Speaker: Noam Chomsky
May 11, 2022

Noam Chomsky gives a solidarity message to people in Russia who are opposing the war in Ukraine even against their own government’s repression, and stresses the need to build a global anti-war movement that can oppose militarism and reject wars and instead put working-class interests first.

Peace In Ukraine Coalition

DSA International Committee is a proud coalition member of Peace in Ukraine, a large anti-war coalition that has been organizing to build a global anti-war response to the war in Ukraine by opposing further military escalations and provocations and demanding a diplomatic solution to end the war.

Peace In Ukraine Actions: DSA Chapters

DSA Statement: On Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

February 26, 2022

The Democratic Socialists of America condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and demands immediate diplomacy and de-escalation to resolve this crisis. We stand in solidarity with the working classes of Ukraine and Russia who will undoubtedly bear the brunt of this war, and with antiwar protestors in both countries and around the world who are calling for a diplomatic resolution.

This extreme and asymmetrical escalation is an illegal act under the United Nations Charter and severely threatens the livelihoods and well-being of working-class peoples in Ukraine, Russia, and across the region. We urge an immediate ceasefire and the total withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukraine.

There is no solution through war or further intervention. This crisis requires an immediate international antiwar response demanding de-escalation, international cooperation, and opposition to unilateral coercive measures, militarization, and other forms of economic and military brinkmanship that will only exacerbate the human toll of this conflict.

DSA reaffirms our call for the US to withdraw from NATO and to end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict. We call on antiwar activists in the US and across the world to oppose violent escalations, demand a lasting diplomatic solution, and stress the crucial need to accept any and all refugees resulting from this crisis. Much of the next ten years are coming into view through this attack. While the failures of neoliberal order are clear to everyone, the ruling class is trying to build a new world, through a dystopic transition grounded in militarism, imperialism, and war. Socialists have a duty to build an alternative.

No war but class war.

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DSA IC opposes US militarization and interventionism in Ukraine and Eastern Europe and calls for an end to NATO expansionism

January 31, 2022

Ukrainian translation below/ Переклад українською нижче
Russian translation below/ Русский перевод ниже

Following months of increased tensions and a sensationalist Western media blitz drumming up conflict in the Donbas, the US government is responding to the situation in Ukraine through the familiar guise of threats of sweeping sanctions, provision of military aid, and increased military deployment to the region. The Democratic Socialists of America International Committee (DSA IC) opposes this ongoing US brinkmanship, which only further escalates the crisis, and reaffirms our previous statement saying no to NATO and its imperialist expansionism and disastrous interventions across the world.

NATO is a mechanism for US-led Western imperialist domination, fueling expansionism, militarization, and devastating interventions. From its original 12 founding members, the trans-Atlantic military alliance has grown to 30 countries today, with Ukraine and Georgia being among the latest proposed additions. This violates previous commitments against NATO’s eastward expansion and is a major source of increased tensions and military escalations across the region. While public sentiment in Ukraine remains contested, the interventionist moves by the US and its Western allies in the country, including stationing US troops in Ukraine and training far-right extremist groups with neo-Nazi sympathies such as the Azov Battallion, have worked to further degrade efforts to resolve the conflict. Similarly, NATO’s militarization in Ukraine and Eastern Europe has worsened the standoff between an emboldened NATO-backed Kiev and the Russian-supported separatist forces in Donbas.

In order to de-escalate the crisis and avoid further conflict and death in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, DSA International Committee calls on the US to reverse its ongoing militarization in the region, avoid implementing sanctions against Russia, and uphold internationally agreed upon commitments to end NATO’s expansionist drive to provide guarantees that Ukraine will remain a neutral state. These measures are crucial for diplomacy to bring about a resolution to this conflict without it spiraling into a larger regional war between nuclear powers. We call on anti-war activists to be resolute in opposing military escalations and to demand a lasting diplomatic solution.

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