The Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with the popular uprising and general strike in Sudan

The people of Sudan have inspired the world by rising up against a brutal dictatorship and steadfastly demanding a civilian-led government. Their courageous civil disobedience has been met with horrific repression, including massacres, torture, and rape. The Sudanese uprising achieved a historic victory in ending the tyrannical 30-year rule of Omar al-Bashir in April, but the struggle continues as Sudan’s military junta (the so-called Transitional Military Council) asserts its counter-revolutionary power and attempts to thwart the will of the Sudanese people.

DSA stands in solidarity with the Sudanese people in their struggle for democracy, justice, dignity, and self-determination. We strongly condemn the appalling violence unleashed by the ruling military junta, which has opened fire on peaceful demonstrators, killing more than 100, and tossed many of their bodies into the Nile. We also condemn the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for their nefarious counter-revolutionary role in shoring up Sudan’s military and emboldening its no-mercy strategy of lethal repression.

While Washington has expressed “concern” over the excessive violence of the junta and its Rapid Support Forces (the rebranded Janjaweed militia that terrorized the Darfur region for several years), the Trump administration’s unqualified support for Saudi Arabia and the UAE in their counter-revolutionary campaign across the region — particularly in their criminal intervention in Yemen — render its pronouncements on Sudan empty. DSA calls on the U.S. to pressure the Sudanese military junta to immediately hand power over to a civilian government. The Sudanese people must be at the table, indeed at the center, in all international negotiations about Sudan’s future.

DSA supports the general strike called by Sudan’s Alliance for Freedom and Change to dislodge the military junta from power through mass civil disobedience, and we stand with the many trade unionists and solidarity activists throughout the world who have organized emergency protests in solidarity with the Sudanese uprising. We call on DSA chapters across the country to work with Sudan activists to organize protests, teach-ins, and solidarity actions in their cities, to raise awareness about the Sudanese struggle, and to demand an immediate transition to civilian rule and self-determination.