DSA IC stands in solidarity with the Swazi people against U.S.-backed dictatorship in Swaziland/eSwatini

The DSA International Committee stands in solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in the Kingdom of eSwatini, commonly referred to as Swaziland by the opposition movement. We condemn King Mswati’s constant and unrelenting repression against left-wing political organizers, women’s groups, LGBTQ+ organizations, political parties, and labor unions. 

In 2021, partially inspired by the George Floyd uprisings in the United States, Swazi people took to the streets by the thousands to demand free and fair elections, the repeal of a ban on political parties, the liberation of political prisoners, economic justice, funding for healthcare and education, and abolition of the country’s absolute monarchy. These protests have continued despite mass arrests, state-sponsored kidnappings, torture by security forces, and massacres of street protesters. 

The United States remains largely responsible for the ongoing crisis in Swaziland. The Mswati absolute monarchy is able to carry out its violent repression of the Swazi people with the backing of American weapons and Taiwanese investment. Taiwan serves as a neo-colonial power in Swaziland, on behalf of the United States, with Taiwanese firms plundering Swazi natural resources and operating factories within the country. Taiwan sends old American-made weapons to the King of Swaziland as it receives new weapons from the United States in the escalating conflict with the People’s Republic of China. These weapons are used to crush organized labor actions and opposition protests.

DSA IC is proud to join our voices with those of the brave and resilient pro-democracy activists of the country, namely the Communist Party of Swaziland, the Swaziland National Association of Teachers, the Swaziland National Union of Students, and eSwatini Gender and Sexual Minorities, among other organizations, in their fight for democratic rights, national liberation, and a democratic republic free from American influence. 

DSA IC stands in strong support of the movement against monarchy and neo-colonialism in Africa and calls on the United States to withdraw all military, financial, and diplomatic support for the absolute monarchy.