Progressive Feminists Break Mexico’s Glass Ceiling

It is with tremendous pride that we announce that Mexico has made history with the election of Claudia Sheinbaum as Mexico’s next president. Not only has Sheinbaum broken the glass ceiling to become the country’s first female president, she has done so with a wholehearted embrace of the progressive platform of social and economic justice championed by our comrades at MORENA.

Sheinbaum – a descendent of Bulgarian Jews who fled the Holocaust – has earned her way to history through a remarkable career as a student activist, physicist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and finally, an effective politician. Her 30-point victory on May 2 is a resounding vote of confidence that comes from Mexicans of all regions and abroad. MORENA has a resounding mandate with victories in 24 of the 31 governorships and supermajorities in both houses of Congress. These victories amidst an unprecedented amount of political violence and an extreme drought demonstrate Mexicans’ unwavering support for the profound program of social and economic justice and development known as the Fourth Transformation (‘Cuarta Transformacion’ or ‘4T’).

MORENA also retained the Jefa de Gobernatura with the victory of Clara Brugada who. Brugada will succeed Sheinbaum as the chief executive for the entire Mexico City region. Sheinbaum previously succeeded current president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in that position. Brugada began her career as a militant member of the Zapatista Movement before serving as mayor of Iztapalapa from 2009-12. During which, she successfully oversaw an expansion of transit infrastructure, the opening of cultural centers called ‘utopias’, and reduced crime. 

DSA proudly participated as credentialed election observers for this historic moment and helped verify that the election was conducted freely and fairly as part of a large cadre of electoral observers from across the Americas and Europe. This is the fifth election in Latin America that DSA has participated as invited observers since 2021, demonstrating our organization’s growing integration with the Latin American Left. We look forward to continuing and expanding our delegation work for the benefit of our members and the region. 

The DSA delegation also held preliminary discussions with MORENA as well as with various sectors of Mexico’s organized labor for future collaborations that would mutually benefit members of both organizations and provide a political alternative to the current state of US-Mexican relations. 

¡Que viva la 4T!

¡Que viva la democracia, las mujeres, y el pobre!