DSA IC condemns Biden administration’s imperialist agenda in proposing Gaza port

The Biden administration’s plan to establish a port in Gaza in order to ostensibly deliver humanitarian relief is a farce, a feigned show of concern for the Palestinian people meant to disguise plans of further western imperial encroachment in the region. Throughout the Israeli and Zionist forces campaign of annihilation on the Palestinian people, the Biden administration has made clear that it sees adherence to international law as subordinate to ensuring that the occupation of Palestine continues by any means necessary. 

Under the current proposal put forth by the Biden administration, Gaza is to be ruled either directly by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) or by the Palestinian Authority, a body that answers to Israel, suppresses Palestinian resistance on behalf of the Israeli security apparatus, and has long lost the trust of the Palestinian people. The construction of this port, reportedly being developed in cooperation with the occupation forces, is also a way to buttress the Biden administration’s efforts to legally and diplomatically protect the occupation on the international stage. Ignoring the overarching and ulterior motives of the United States government here is deeply naive at best and complicit in genocide at worst.

We recognize and name this fig leaf for what it is: a means to cover for the atrocities that are being carried out with the assistance of the Biden administration, designed to counter a rapidly growing sense of international and domestic outcry. The vast majority of our elected officials continue to ignore their constituents even as Americans have begun to register their opposition to the Biden administration’s genocidal foreign policy via the ballot box, phonebank campaigns, municipal ceasefire resolution efforts, protests and direct actions across the country. 

Each day of the past week has been marked by what once was referred to as the “Flour Massacre”, a now daily aggression in which the IOF has used Palestinians’ hunger— a direct result of Zionist crimes against humanity— against them in a gross display of the depth of this campaign to destroy Gaza. While these recent atrocities are posed as a reaction to the resistance of Palestinians, they are just the latest chapter in the long and bloody history of the occupation that stretches back to the roots of Zionist colonialism in Palestine at the end of the nineteenth century. The history of the Zionist entity is a continuous and unbroken chain of colonialism, ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian nation.

We condemn Biden’s proposed Gaza Port as a horrifying project of imperial expansion. We stand with the Palestinian people in demanding a permanent ceasefire: an end to the mass collective punishment and torture campaign conducted by the IOF. We demand a well-funded UNRWA that can provide humanitarian aid to the hundreds of thousands newly displaced by the ongoing, indiscriminate bombing campaign conducted by the IOF over the past five months. We demand an end to the weapons shipments, now counting over 100— approximately one every 36 hours— sent by the US government to support this genocide. 

In the face of continued complicity on the part of the Biden administration and the U.S. establishment as a whole, DSA’s International Committee remains committed to a free Palestine from the river to the sea. The Palestinian people will not forget nor will they forgive these horrific crimes carried out with the assistance of the United States, and neither will we. As socialists, we demand a ceasefire to end the current slaughter and an end to U.S. military, diplomatic and financial aid to the Zionist project. We commit once again to fight until the end of the occupation and colonization of Palestine.