DSA Congratulates Citizens Revolution Party in Ecuador

The Democratic Socialists of America International Committee (DSA IC) extends its warm congratulations to the Citizen’s Revolution party in Ecuador for its notable achievements in the August 20th snap general elections. We also recognize the decisive vote in favor of Indigenous-led national referenda against carbon extraction.

The elections occurred after the assassinations of Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicensio, alongside other political figures. These deaths have drawn international attention to the unprecedented spike in murder and violent crime occurring within Ecuador. Despite a declared state of emergency and the presence of the military on the streets, the People of Ecuador were steadfast and backed Citizen’s Revolution Candidate Luisa Gonzalez who received 33% of the vote. Citizen’s Revolution also secured a plurality in the upcoming National Assembly, increasing its representation.  

Citizen’s Revolution has been at the forefront of the opposition to neoliberal and austerity policies put into effect since 2017. They led the effort within the National Assembly to impeach and remove right-wing President Guillermo Lasso who championed these initiatives. As a result of Citizen’s Revolution’s work, Lasso called for snap general elections that would end his presidency a year and a half early. 

Gonzalez will oppose Daniel Noboa, a scion of one of Ecuador’s most affluent families, in the Presidential runoff scheduled for October 15th. Gonzalez has pledged to restore government funding of social programs for the people while Noboa will prioritize continued government austerity measures and promote the interests of foreign investors. 

The DSA International Committee also acknowledges the Ecuadorian people’s historic vote to cease oil extraction within the Yasuni National Park and to halt mining projects within the Metropolitan District of Quito. The results of these referenda underscore the significant success Indigenous and environmental activists have had opposing both oil extraction and mining activities. The majority that voted to keep the oil in the ground in Yasuni did so despite the knowledge that it would require considerable economic sacrifice.  Twelve percent of Ecuador’s oil currently comes from Yasuni.  The DSA IC calls on the U.S. government to provide climate reparations to Ecuador, and to all poorer countries, to encourage their decisions to transition away from fossil fuel industries.

The DSA International Committee stands in unwavering solidarity with Gonzalez’s campaign to unify the diverse range of social forces opposed to neoliberal austerity, and rally them to her candidacy and the Ecuadorian people’s continued resistance to environmental exploitation. May their collective resilience be an example for all activists around the world.