The DSA IC condemns the Loi Sécurité Globale proposal in France, and joins with French and international voices in calling for its withdrawal.

In addition to allowing the currently prohibited use of drones to surveil public protests, France’s proposed bill penalizes the publication or distribution of images that could potentially “harm” the police’s “physical or psychic integrity” with one year of prison time and a 45,000 Euro fine. This bill if passed poses a grave threat to civil liberties of those livestreaming or photographing their interactions with the police for greater accountability. Further, it threatens the freedom of the press to publish images and videos without fear of reprisal. 

The authoritarian security measures pushed forth by France’s President Macron and his administration serve as a warning for potential “security” laws in the United States and their impact on civil liberties. As democratic socialists we oppose and will organize against the expansion and export of dangerous surveillance practices and police brutality in the United States and abroad. 

Calling to action support of peaceful resistance and organizing against the Loi Sécurité Global, we reaffirm our commitment to ​fighting for freedom from surveillance, violence and oppression.​ The DSA International Committee further stands in solidarity with journalists and their trade unions in their struggle for civil liberties and preservation of a free press, with those who have suffered police brutality and with those supporting the total withdrawal of this law.

“Non” to La Loi Sécurité Globale in France! DSA in France, DSA International Committee, Parti de Gauche, Jeunes du Parti de Gauche, Parti Communiste Français – Monde, and La France Insoumise Canada-États-Unis held a live-streamed digital discussion on the DSA IC Facebook Saturday, February 6, 2021, that further elucidates the issue.