IC Quarterly Newsletter – 2021 Q4

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Quarterly IC Newsletter – Q4 2021
Period: 10/01/21 – 12/31/21
Volume 2 Issue 2

This newsletter is based on reports from the IC Subcommittees, Steering Committee, and Secretariat submitted by 10/24. This corresponding newsletter for subcommittees that did not respond by this date will not be included in this newsletter will read: “Nothing Reported.”

Main Activities & Results


Secretariat has continued to work on their strategy document and Secretariat and the Steering Committee have started thinking through how to best restructure their two bodies to make each more effective and efficient. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is working on developing an all IC Slack. They are working on filling vacant leadership positions. They have held numerous leadership meetings and held a town hall. 


  • Americas held the “DSA Says Let Cuba Live: Ending the US Blockade” on October 4th. 
  • They held an event on activism in Chile and how the left is fighting neoliberalism in the country. The subcommittee planned successful delegations to Chile and Venezuela.
  • The subcommittee wrote a statement on the situation in Chiapas that the International committee published. 
  • The subcommittee wrote and the International Committee published a statement opposing the RENACAR Act. 
  • The subcommittee worked on a Cuba toolkit.
  • The subcommittee held an event in New York on Brazilian black consciousness
  • The subcommittee held an event with Palestinian-Chilean mayor of Recoleta, Jadue 
  • The subcommittee had a Cuba day of action in coalition with other groups 


Antiwar worked on their AUMF campaign by creating working groups in different chapters and  creating resources/documents.

Asia & Oceania

Asis & Oceania held a Korea film screening with ISC and Nodutdol https://dsaic.org/korea-film. They held multiple China WG meetings where they discussed a number of issues including AUMF and Taiwan. 


Europe onboarded new members and is pursuing work with members living in Germany. 


Juan became a co-chair of the subcommittee. They held a political education event on the IPCC reports. They are working with Economics and Trade on an educational panel on a global Green New Deal. The panel will include information on organizing efforts around the globe. They are hoping that the panel can help DSA determine how it can engage globally on a Green New Deal.

Economics & Trade

  • Economics & Trade is planning a political education event on central bank independence. 
  • They are reaching out to chapters in relevant constituencies on robust response to the pandemic. 
  • They are working on  building internal structures. 
  • They are reaching out to local chapters on the IMF campaign. 
  • They reupped their statement on TRIPS waiver. 
  • They are working on an event on central bank dependence
  • They are collaborating with other subcoms on working on a statement about unfreezing Afghan central bank reserves

Middle East and Africa

  • Hosted an event on Thomas Sankara 
  • Planning a panel on Yemen with anti-war  
  • Beginning to solicit recommendations from members on another Africa event
  • Building out a newsletter for Middle East and Africa
  • Planning a campaign on Okavango Delta and looking to collaborate with EcoSoc 
  • Thinking about strategies for recruiting more people from diverse backgrounds using these events. 

Labor Subcommittee
Wrote a report on response on Philippine union solidarity found here.

Activities Planned for Next Quarter


Secretariat will continue to work on their strategy document and continue to work with the Steering Committee to think through the leadership structure for the next term. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will launch the all IC Slack for members and hold a town hall to introduce members to the Slack. The Steering Committee will continue to think about the structure of IC leadership. The Steering Committee will begin drafting criteria for attending delegations. 


The subcommittee will continue to work on the Cuba toolkit. They will continue to work on the International Committee’s membership in the Paolo Forum. They will continue working on their internal structure and think through how to fundraise for delegations. 


Antiwar will continue to work on its AUMF campaign by reaching out to chapters and developing resources. 

Asia & Oceania

Asia and Oceania will continue working opposing USICA in Congress. They are working on doing an education/movie night even with a Korea-based group. They will work with the Middle East and Africa and Economics and Trade on an Afghanistan asset freeze campaign. 


Eurpe will develop a subcommittee participation proposal and continue trying to increase subcommittee member participation. 


Ecosocialism will strategize on how to continue to build their subcommittee. They will continue to plan a series on the recent IPCC report and are working on an internal book club. Members are reading A People’s Green New Deal. 

Economics & Trade

Economics and Trade will continue developing a politica education program on the global financial system and begin working on sanctions. 

Middle East and Africa

Middle East and Africa will continue working on its Okavango Delta campaign and continue working on a panel on Yemen. They will work with Asia and Oceania and Economics and Trade on a campaign on the Afghan asset freeze. 

Labor Subcommittee

Labor will partner with Asia & Oceania on a Philippines panel and continue working on Starbucks union organizing globally. 

Communications (Tweets, pictures, videos, etc.)

October 2021:
Tweets: 33
Profile Visit: 16.1K
Tweet Impressions: 345K
Mentions: 189
New Followers: 203

November 2021:
Tweets: 41
Profile Visit: 25.2K
Tweet Impressions: 722K
Mentions: 309
New Followers: 284

December 2021:
Tweets: 39
Profile Visit: 30.8K
Tweet Impressions: 784K
Mentions: 267
New Followers: 327
Top Tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/DSA_Intl_Comm/status/1472704805147709440
Top Mention: https://twitter.com/Gaius_Gracchus_/status/1474069226382049282


Contact Us!
Steering Committee: [email protected]
Secretariat: [email protected]

Secretariat Members: 
Voting Members:
Jack L. (Liaison to: Americas, Migration & Refugees) [Los Angeles Chapter]
Marvin G. (Liaison to: Europe) [NYC Chapter]
Morgan D. (Liaison to: Americas, Migration & Refugees) [Chapter: New Orleans]
Sepehr M. (Liaison to: ME&A) [NYC Chapter]
Paul G. (Liaison to: Labor)
Obinna I. (Liaison to: Asia/Oceania)
Rachel E. (Liaison to: Ecosocialism)
Nina M. (Liaison to: Antiwar)
Ivana V. (Liaison to: Econ & Trade)

Steering Committee Members: 
Voting Members
Chip G. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Europe) [Metro DC Chapter]
Carrington M. (Liaison to: Econ & Trade, Ecosocialism) [NYC Chapter]
Lindsey S. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Asia/Oceania) [NYC Chapter]
Arpi K. (Liaison to: ME&A, Asia/Oceania) [New Orleans Chapter]
Luisa M. (Liaison to: Americas)
Eshaan V. (Liaison to: ME&A, Ecosocialism)
Cruz M. (Liaison to: Americas, Labor)
Ali M. (Liaison to: Europe) 

International Committee’s Subcommittees

Co-chairs: Tom W. [West Suburban IL Chapter], Jana S.
[email protected], [email protected] / [email protected]

Co-chairs: Aditi S. [NYC Chapter], Dylan A. [NYC Chapter]
[email protected], [email protected] 

Asia & Oceania
Co-chairs: Ronald J. [Philadelphia Chapter], Anlin W. [Philadelphia Chapter]
[email protected], [email protected] 

Economics & Trade
Co-chairs: Kathleen B. [Baltimore Chapter], Michael G. [Metro DC Chapter]
[email protected], [email protected]

Co-chairs: Akshai S., Melanie B.
[email protected], [email protected]

Co-chairs: Florent M., Debra R.
[email protected], [email protected]

Co-chairs: Alec D. [At-large], Mícheál M. [San Francisco Chapter]
[email protected], [email protected]

Middle East & Africa
Co-chairs: Mirah W., Miles C. 
[email protected], [email protected]

Migration & Refugees