IC Quarterly Newsletter – 2021 Q3

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Quarterly IC Newsletter – Q3 2021
Period: 07/01/21 – 09/30/21
Volume 2 Issue 1

This newsletter is based on reports from the IC Subcommittees, Steering Committee, and Secretariat submitted by 10/24. This corresponding newsletter for subcommittees that did not respond by this date will not be included in this newsletter will read: “Nothing Reported.”

Main Activities & Results


Secretariat onboarded new leaders. They developed a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize IC’s relationship with outside organizations. Finally, they have been working on their strategy document for the International Committee

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee onboarded new leaders, identified liaisons for subcommittees, held a town and multiple leadership meetings, and approved numerous events and statements. The SC has been working with YDSA on its integration proposal. In addition, they have taken steps toward writing bylaws for the International Committee. Finally, they spent time identifying leaders for vacant positions. 


Beyond our dedication to political education events (most recently on the subjects of Cuba, internal talks on the Chilean elections, and Venezuela), IC Americas is beginning to take its first steps towards campaign organizing. At the September General Meeting, IC Americas members voted to prioritize efforts surrounding ending the US embargo of Cuba, and are presently developing strategies and means to engage in both a centralized IC campaign and a decentralized national DSA campaign. Additionally, two IC Americas members were sent as delegates to observe the National Assembly of Revolución Ciudadana (RC), the new Ecuadorian Correaista formation, and published a report linked here. In addition to the dialogue between DSA and the Foro de Sao Paulo Executive Committee, and discussions of Resolution 14 implementation, membership is preparing to engage with issues of Mexico as we broaden our relationship to the Mexican socialist organizations. Overall, we are satisfied with present growth, and are eager to expand in the upcoming quarter.


The Anti-War Subcommittee continues to prioritize our campaign to repeal the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for Use of Military Force (AUMFs). Members have been meeting with key congressional offices, local internationalist and anti-war working groups, and several anti-war organizations aligned on the issue. We are developing toolkits and resources for local efforts and publishing IC tweet threads to educate members on the AUMFs and other legal mechanisms of the war on terror.

In other business this quarter, we joined members of the Asia + Oceania and Middle East + Africa subcommittees to organize an IC statement and webinar in response to the sudden collapse of the U.S.-backed government in Afghanistan during the U.S. military’s withdrawal. We also worked with several subcommittee members in Boston and San Francisco to support similar webinars organized at the chapter level.

Our members drafted and approved the IC statement calling for drastic cuts to the U.S. military budget, and signed the International Committee on to an organizational letter in support of the “Block the Bombs” amendment to the NDAA, which would have blocked the $735 million weapons sale from Boeing to the Israeli government.

Asia & Oceania


  1. DSA IC condemns recent Congressional legislation that fuels a new Cold War with China (IC US-China Relations Project Group)
  2. DSA IC condemns decades-long imperialist intervention in Afghanistan, and calls for immediate unconditional support of Afghan refugees (joint with ME+A, Anti-War Subcommittees)

Poli Ed events

  1. No Cold War: Opposing the USICA and US Escalations Against China
  • Panel presented case for opposing the United States’ new Cold War with China and IC members presented original subcommittee research on US Innovation & Competition Act (USICA)
  1. Left in Pakistan: A Historical & Materialist Overview
  •  Event presented introduction to Pakistani left history for US audience
  1. DSA Organizing Call on Afghanistan
  • Organized in collaboration with ME+A and Anti-War Subcommittees
  • Rapid response event to educate US left on US occupation of Afghanistan and provide ways to organize in solidarity with Afghans impacted by US imperialism

Outside Collaboration/Organizing

  1. ZENKO Henoko Anti-Base Project (ZHAP)
    • Joint campaign opposing construction of new US military base in Henoko, Okinawa against the wishes of the Okinawan people, in collaboration with ZENKO coalition (led by Movement towards Democratic Socialism [MDS]) and Anti-War Subcommittee
    • Exchanged solidarity gifts & greetings
    • Sent representatives for panel discussion at ZENKO Annual Conference
  2. Te Pāti o Te Nuku Mauī – Communist Party
    • Te Pāti o Te Nuku Mauī – Communist Party (known previously as Community Party of Aotearoa) is a Marxist and democratic socialist party in New Zealand (in Maori written as “Aotearoa”)
    •  Established mutual dialogue, working out opportunities for collaboration
  3. Philippines Human Rights Act (PHRA)
    • Bill in US Congress stripping US military support for Filipino military, police, and paramilitary organizations carrying out extrajudicial suppression
    • Collaborating with Filipino diaspora organizations, Labor Subcommittee, DSA chapters around the country to support the bill passage out of House Foreign Affairs Committee
  4. International Strategy Center (ISC)
    • ISC is a Korea-based left organization focused on foreign affairs study and solidarity work
    • Planning joint film screening poli ed event
  5. USICA
    • IC US-China Relations Project Group researched 718 page Strategic Competition Act (now absorbed into USICA) to understand bill’s provisions from a socialist lens
    • Started a letter writing campaign on ActionNetwork for DSA members and other individuals residing in the US to write letters to their Congressional Representatives calling on them to oppose the USICA


Our subcommittee relaunched this fall with an introduction meeting. We have since begun to plan a political education series.

Economics & Trade

“This quarter, the Economics and Trade Subcommittee has focused its efforts on building a campaign for the Robust International Response to the Pandemic Act, which would, among other things, lend the United States’ support to the issuance of 2 Trillion Special Drawing Rights, a global stimulus to help stave off economic crisis across the Global South.

To that end, the Subcommittee held a successful webinar featuring economists Jayati Ghosh and Alex Main, which was well attended. Interest from that webinar was then directed toward an ongoing campaign to work with DSA chapters across the country to pressure their members of Congress to co-sponsor the bill.

Separately, the Subcommittee has initiated work opposing the IMF’s recent attacks on democratic control of central banking in the Global South. The IC released a statement on the subject, and the Subcommittee is working on political education and more.

Finally, the Global Green New Deal project team has shifted purview from Econ + Trade to Ecosocialism, but remains an inter-subcommittee effort.”


Recently the Europe Subcommittee held a digital conference with Paul Murphy of RISE Ireland, an ecosocialist group in Parliament, which is viewable here:

Previously, the subcommittee attended the Die Linke international summer camp 2021 in Berlin, where we met and discussed with activists from Turkey, Kashmir, the Western Sahara, municipalist activists in the expropriation campaign in Berlin, and European comrades from across the continent sharing about local struggles.

Early in June, the DSA Europe IC spearheaded an anti-NATO position paper that is viewable here: DSA IC Says “No To NATO”.

DSA in France and Berlin had local social and solidarity activist events that accommodated and mobilized their members. Details are available on their respective social media handles.”

Labor Subcommittee

Nothing Reported.

Middle East and Africa

Both myself and my co-chair Miles Z. Cooper are new to the International Committee and to our roles as co-chairs and a good part of the beginning of our tenure which started in late July has been getting up to speed on the administrative elements of our roles. More recently we have spun off an Africa Working Group which is beginning to work on a campaign to support local activists in stopping an oil and gas exploration project in Southern Africa’s Okavango Delta. At the end of October will be holding a panel event to honor the life and contributions of post-colonial African Leader Thomas Sankara.

Activities Planned for Next Quarter


The Secretariat will continue working on its strategy document. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will continue working with subcommittees to move statements and events forward. In addition, the SC will work on bylaws and a strategy for implementing Resolution 14. 


As mandated by our membership, one of our primary responsibilities in the new quarter will be expanding our Cuba campaign by connecting work to the local chapters. Tool kits are currently under development, as is coordination with chapter appendages interested in pursuing this organizing. Expanding our infrastructure in this will prove invaluable. Additionally, we are also eager to expand work in regions such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil. We are eager to develop new statements in conjunction with the Secretariat, and to develop projects such as fundraising, membership outreach, and political education. 


More tweet threads on the War on Terror (I think a PATRIOT Act one is coming soon). Otherwise I am not sure as far as public events.

I hope to do some more assessment on our campaign work pending the House vote on the 2002 AUMF, and could use some guidance on how DSA generally handles this in national campaigns (already talking to Austin some about it). Ideally, would like to integrate our work more with the rest of the IC and iron out some kinks re how the IC handles national campaigns & relates to local chapters. Especially: how the people leading those campaigns should be accountable to the IC and to general membership.

Asia & Oceania

We have established a Political Education Working Group and we hope to begin monthly film screenings next month.

We are seeking to establish relations with left formations on Guam and American Samoa to begin dialogue on how DSA IC can support decolonization.

We are seeking to establish relations with the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and other left formations in the Asia & Oceania region.

We think the SC and Secretariat could better support us by providing a medium or long-term vision for the IC or subcommittee to work towards. Having 1-5 year goals will help our members come up with programming and work plans and create more of a sense of collective struggle.


Upcoming we are planning a political education series and are seeking to begin other activities such as reading groups.

Economics & Trade

Working on an Intro to Global Economics and Trade political education series. Deliberating on campaigns to focus on, with Debt and Sanctions being the top candidates. Also discussing merging subcommittees with IC-Ecosocialism.


Have a solid long-term, cross-committee campaign that mobilizes all members to give members something to do for a long time. Often, Europe educational events have unfortunately been short-term and without much follow-up with partner groups in Europe.

Labor Subcommittee

Nothing Reported.

Middle East and Africa

In the works are a panel event on Yemen in collaboration with the Anti-War Subcommittee and a monthly newsletter project. Internally we continue to develop member engagement in designing and leading poli-ed for the larger group. We are also working on establishing diplomatic contacts and developing relationships with outside groups and parties within our geographic purview.

Communications (Tweets, pictures, videos, etc.)

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Contact Us!

Steering Committee: [email protected]
Secretariat: [email protected]

Secretariat Members: 

Voting Members:

Jack L. (Liaison to: Americas, Migration & Refugees) [Los Angeles Chapter]

Marvin G. (Liaison to: Europe) [NYC Chapter]

Morgan D. (Liaison to: Americas, Migration & Refugees) [Chapter: New Orleans]

Sepehr M. (Liaison to: ME&A) [NYC Chapter]

Paul G. (Liaison to: Labor)

Obinna I. (Liaison to: Asia/Oceania)

Rachel E. (Liaison to: Ecosocialism)

Nina M. (Liaison to: Antiwar)

Ivana V. (Liaison to: Econ & Trade)

Steering Committee Members: 

Voting Members

Chip G. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Europe) [Metro DC Chapter]

Carrington M. (Liaison to: Econ & Trade, Ecosocialism) [NYC Chapter]

Lindsey S. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Asia/Oceania) [NYC Chapter]

Arpi K. (Liaison to: ME&A, Asia/Oceania) [New Orleans Chapter]

Luisa M. (Liaison to: Americas)

Eshaan V. (Liaison to: ME&A, Ecosocialism)

Cruz M. (Liaison to: Americas, Labor)Ali M. (Liaison to: Europe)

International Committee’s Subcommittees


Co-chairs: Tom W. [West Suburban IL Chapter], Jana S.

[email protected], [email protected] / [email protected]


Co-chairs: Aditi S. [NYC Chapter], Dylan A. [NYC Chapter]

[email protected], [email protected] 

Asia & Oceania

Co-chairs: Ronald J. [Philadelphia Chapter], Anlin W. [Philadelphia Chapter]

[email protected], [email protected] 

Economics & Trade

Co-chairs: Kathleen B. [Baltimore Chapter], Michael G. [Metro DC Chapter]

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Co-chairs: Akshai S., Melanie B.

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Co-chairs: Florent M., Debra R.

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Co-chairs: Alec D. [At-large], Mícheál M. [San Francisco Chapter]

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Middle East & Africa

Co-chairs: Mirah W., Miles C. 

[email protected], [email protected]

Migration & Refugees