IC Quarterly Newsletter – 2023 Q1 and Q2

Period: Period: 01/01/23 – 6/31/23

Volume 3 Issue 3

Volume 3 Issue 4

This newsletter is based on reports from the IC Subcommittees and the Steering Committee. This corresponding newsletter for subcommittees that did not respond by this date will not be included in this newsletter will read: “Nothing Reported.”

Main Activities & Results

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee finalized draft bylaws, addressed code of conduct violations, and made leadership appointment recommendations for the next term. 


Every Americas sub-committee meeting begins with a political education component of approximately 30 minutes. During the first quarter, we covered the following topics: the current situation in Peru (Jan mtg.), the implications of Cuba being on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List (SSOT) and how it might be removed from the list (Feb.), and the situation of organized labor in Mexico (Mar.)

The sub-committee drafted and passed statements on: Statement on the Brazil Coup Attempt, The political situation in Peru, The 10th Anniversary of Hugo Chávez’s passing

Demand for Cuba to be removed from the SSOT, DSA IC congratulates Revolución Ciudadana on its electoral victories and condemns right-wing violence in Ecuador

We organized webinars/online events: on the following two topics:

– Jan 28 – Conversation with Venezuela Activist from La Minka Commune

– March 19 – AMLO’s election reforms in México, with journalist José Luis Granados Ceja and Mexico Solidarity Project’s co-coordinator Meizhu Lui, and examine why US media coverage and the right-wing in México are opposing the reforms.

Other activities included:

March 10-12: Participation in US-Cuba Normalization Conference in New York City

March 15-16: Cuba call-in days to White House, opposing SSOT

April 29: Participation in Americas Policy Forum on the 200th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine


Nothing Reported. 

Asia & Oceania

Hosted a film screening of The Little Girl from Hanoi, a Vietnamese film about the 1972 US bombing campaign of Hanoi, and a discussion of the Vietnam War with Luna Nguyen (host of Luna Oi!)

Hosted a webinar with Rutgers LEARN, New Labor, and Bangladesh Garment Worker Solidarity on Sat, May 6 to commemorate the Rana Plaza collapse and lives lost in this tragedy, and the connected struggles for safe working conditions in Bangladesh and the US.

Hosted a panel on the Korean War and the ongoing US aggression in the Korean peninsula on June 24 with the co-host of the Blowback podcast Noah Kulwin and organizers from US and Korea (YDSA, Nodutdol, International Strategy Center, Korea Peace Now, and Women Cross DMZ) to discuss the causes and impacts of the war and a path to peace.

Organized a meeting between the office of AOC and Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki. The Governor lobbied to oppose the construction of a US military base in Okinawa and the need for more diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Signed on to Nodutdol’s open letter calling for an end to the travel ban to North Korea: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCTWAzRMczqV3RMsMZsFe955MUEZC51OpJh8tvB0JvbNmz1Q/viewform

Signed on to Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance’s (APALA) petition calling on the Biden admin to drop charges against a Chinese American UNITE HERE member, Li Tang “Henry” Liang, wrongly accusing Liang as acting as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Relations Act. https://www.apalanet.org/apala-ma-sign-on.html

Co-sponsored Korea Peace Now’s July 27 rally in DC commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice.

Voted to send ZHAP Campaign Coordinating Committee member Gerard Dalbon as the DSA IC representation to the ZENKO annual conference on July 29-30

Met with representatives of the China Is Not Our Enemy (CINOE) to discuss the ongoing US escalation of tensions against China and how to respond.


We held monthly meetings and drafted a statement on French unions

Climate and Economics

Much of our activities in the last quarter focused on planning for the Degrowth Conference delegation, which unfortunately was not approved by the NPC. However, there are some positive takeaways – we had good, generative discussion within our subcommittee about Degrowth and built (some) capacity for planning the logistics of supporting a political education delegation.

Middle East and Africa

FIWON panel, Turkey statement regarding the prosecutions of two parties, Syria statement regarding sanctions restricting earthquake relief, and ongoing Yemen solidarity work/Yemen solidarity day. The Sanctions Tribunals have also been ongoing.


Not provided.

Activities Planned for Next Quarter

Steering Committee

Next quarter, the current steering committee will work on transitioning leadership to incoming leadership. 


Organizing around Mexico, and in particular possible avenues for cooperation with MORENA, is beginning to coalesce around a core of active IC members. We are likely to see growth in these organizing activities.

Relationships with Chilean parties have been growing stronger; we are likely to see further development of these relationships with subcommittee organizing.

Looking forward to Q3, change in subcommittee leadership will likely determine the makeup and priorities of the subcommittee.


Nothing Reported

Asia & Oceania

We have discussed developing closer ties with local chapters to organize on internationalist issues, such as mobilizing against discriminatory state legislation prohibiting individuals from countries like China from purchasing land in the United States. We would appreciate support from the leadership in linking up with locals. We are also interested in creating more webinars as part of our political education programming.


A panel event with prominent European left parliamentarians, a campaign around US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe against the will of the people in those countries.

Climate and Economics

In the aftermath of the failure of the Degrowth Delegation proposal, as well as uncertainty around the ability of the IC to hold webinars/mass calls, we are hoping to focus on developing some internal (to the IC) political education events/programs and promote them to our members as well as IC membership more broadly.

Middle East and Africa

Publishing our Caesar Act Congressional Letter, Communist Party of Kenya Webinar, Feminist Socialism Webinar, and statement on the struggle of the Eswatini people. Continued logistical support from Steering and Secretariat when the need arises.


Nothing Reported

Communications (Tweets, pictures, videos, etc.)

January 2023:

Tweets: 20

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Tweet Impressions: 477K

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New Followers: 177

Top Tweet: https://twitter.com/dsa_intl_comm/status/1619015370769321984

February 2023:

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March 2023:

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April 2023:

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New Followers: -61

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May 2023:

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New Followers: -23

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June 2023:

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Tweet Impressions: 460K

Mentions: 306

New Followers: 30

Top Tweet: https://twitter.com/dsa_intl_comm/status/1668365412038488065

TOP TWEETS OF Q1 2023: https://twitter.com/dsa_intl_comm/status/1633837356838174722


Contact Us!

Steering Committee: [email protected]

Steering Committee Members:

Voting Members

Jack L. (Liaison to: Labor, Climate & Econ) 

Paul G. (Liaison to: Labor)

Ivana V. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Europe)

Lindsey S. (Liaison to: ME&A, Antiwar, Asia/Oceania)

A.K. (Liaison to: ME&A, Asia/Oceania)

Luisa M. (Liaison to: Americas)

Tom W. (Liaison to: Americas, Europe)

Jana S. (Liaison to: Americas, Labor)

Melanie B. (Liaison to: Climate & Econ)

Jorge R. (Liaison to: Asia/Oceania, Europe)

Dieter L. (Liaison to: Antiwar)

International Committee’s Subcommittees


Co-chairs: Steve R., Greg W.


Co-chairs: Eshaan V., Brynn D.

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Middle East & Africa

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