IC Quarterly Newsletter – 2022 Q2

Period: 04/01/22 – 07/31/22

Volume 2 Issue 4

This newsletter is based on reports from the IC Subcommittees, Steering Committee, and Secretariat submitted by 08/15. This corresponding newsletter for subcommittees that did not respond by this date will not be included in this newsletter will read: “Nothing Reported.”

Main Activities & Results


The Secretariat will not exist next term. It is working on documenting its activities from this term. 

Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee is preparing for the next leadership term by sending out leadership applications and organizing onboarding for new leaders. 
  • The SC is working on drafting delegation criteria and reportback requirements. 


  • The committee is working on planning delegations to Brazil and Cuba as well as a Venezula feminist delegation to the U.S. SC voted to approve medical supplies delegation to Cuba before end of July. 
  • DSA IC America is still working with The People’s Forum on The People’s Summit in Los Angeles in protest of the OAS Summit of the Americas. 
  • DSA IC signed the ACERE letter and is working on developing a proposal to formally join the ACERE coalition
  • IC Americas is committed to developing more robust organizing dedicated to Mexico. 


  • IC Antiwar is continuing to work with the Peace in Ukraine coalition on how best to respond to the Ukraine/Russia War. Helped plan a Day of Action on June 25.

Asia & Oceania

  • Asia & Oceania is continuing to meet with a coalition around Afghanistan’s asset freeze. 
  • Continuing to work with ZENKO
  • Exploring potential response to Sri Lanka crisis. 
  • Held webinar on US military involvement in the Pacific Ocean
  • Starting a Guam working group


  • Continuing to attend coalition calls with leftist European parties that want to organize peace conference. 
  • Interviewed Noam Chomsky at the request of Russian socialists.
  • Connecting with Code Pink
  • Passed a resolution to endorse Labour Start Belarus campaign. 
  • Working to start campaigns and projects that move on broader moving from poli education primarily. 

Climate and Economics

  • Climate and Economics held a webinar series, including webinars on global debt, the IMF and global banking. 

Middle East and Africa

  • Subcommitee passed a statement on Somalia 
  • Organizing panel on Iran sanctions
  • Continuing to work on the Okavango Campaign by planning small meeting with African leftists in concert with A+O, Anti-War
  • Meeting with Code Pink regarding Afghanistan asset freeze
  • Working on CASI tribunal 

Labor Subcommittee

  • As a matter of principle and pragmatism, the sub-committee favors working together on common projects with other IC sub-committees and with the reorganizing DSLC.
  • Following the successful webinar on solidarity with Philippines labor, organized together with the Asia-Oceania Subcommittee and the PHRA working group, the sub-committee continues to support DSA’s campaign for the Philippines Human Rights Act.
  • Following the first international webinar on Starbucks featuring the president of the Chilean Starbucks union, a second international Starbucks call included two leaders of the New Zealand Starbucks union. This was organized together with Starbucks workers United and the DSLC, to which Paul Garver acts as liaison for Starbucks international organizing.
  • Penny Schantz acts as liaison to LabourStart. We endorsed the LabourStart campaign to free imprisoned union leaders in Belarus, and is working to support the campaign.

Activities Planned for Next Quarter

The is the final quarter for the current leadership body. 

Communications (Tweets, pictures, videos, etc.)

April 2022:

Tweets: 28

Profile Visit: 69.6K

Tweet Impressions: 486.1K

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New Followers: 157

May 2022:

Tweets: 58

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New Followers: 360

June 2022:

Tweets: 34

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July 2022:

Tweets: 34

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New Followers: 577

Top Tweet: https://twitter.com/dsa_intl_comm/status/1547217937039253505?s=20&t=nSu7c5Wu30Vtu7rk9dg7Jg

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Contact Us!

Steering Committee: [email protected]

Secretariat: [email protected]

Secretariat Members: 

Voting Members:

Jack L. (Liaison to: Americas, Migration & Refugees) [Los Angeles Chapter]

Marvin G. (Liaison to: Europe) [NYC Chapter]

Morgan D. (Liaison to: Americas, Migration & Refugees) [Chapter: New Orleans]

Paul G. (Liaison to: Labor)

Rachel E. (Liaison to: Ecosocialism)

Nina M. (Liaison to: Antiwar)

Ivana V. (Liaison to: Econ & Trade)

Steering Committee Members: 

Voting Members

Chip G. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Europe) [Metro DC Chapter]

Carrington M. (Liaison to: Econ & Trade, Ecosocialism) [NYC Chapter]

Lindsey S. (Liaison to: Antiwar, Asia/Oceania) [NYC Chapter]

Arpi K. (Liaison to: ME&A, Asia/Oceania) [New Orleans Chapter]

Luisa M. (Liaison to: Americas)

Eshaan V. (Liaison to: ME&A, Ecosocialism)

Ali M. (Liaison to: Europe) 

International Committee’s Subcommittees


Co-chairs: Tom W. [West Suburban IL Chapter], Jana S.


Co-chairs: Dylan A. [NYC Chapter]

Asia & Oceania

Co-chairs: Ronald J. [Philadelphia Chapter], Anlin W. [Philadelphia Chapter]

Climate & Economics

Co-chairs: Melanie B., Michael G. [Metro DC Chapter]Middle East & Africa

Co-chairs: Mirah W., Miles C. 





Migration & Refugees