DSA IC proudly announces our full 2021 DSA Convention panel lineup. 

DSA Convention: Socialist Internationalism in the 21st Century

August 7, 2021

Event description: 

The workers struggle knows no borders, thus socialism has always been internationalist in nature. However, with worsening global economic disparities, climate catastrophe that demands an international response, militarism, imperialism, and neocolonialism, and a global pandemic exacerbated by the profit system, socialist internationalism is imperative to our collective survival. In order to help forge ties between DSA and socialists the world over, DSA’s International Committee is sponsoring a plenary featuring socialist leaders from across the globe, including former heads of state, leaders of international fora, trade union activists, and social movement leaders. Through these diverse voices, we take on the urgent task of building a world based on solidarity, not domination and competition. Another world is possible, but only when we stand together. 

Descripción del evento:

La lucha de los trabajadores no conoce fronteras, por lo que el socialismo siempre ha sido de naturaleza internacionalista. Sin embargo, con el empeoramiento de las disparidades económicas mundiales, la catástrofe climática que exige una respuesta internacional, el militarismo, el imperialismo y el neocolonialismo, y una pandemia mundial exacerbada por el sistema de lucro, el internacionalismo socialista es imperativo para nuestra supervivencia colectiva. Para ayudar a forjar lazos entre DSA y los socialistas de todo el mundo, el Comité Internacional del DSA está patrocinando una sesión plenaria en la que participarán líderes socialistas de todo el mundo, incluyendo ex jefes de Estado, líderes de foros internacionales, activistas sindicales y líderes de movimientos sociales. A través de estas diversas voces, asumimos la urgente tarea de construir un mundo basado en la solidaridad, no en la dominación y la competencia. Otro mundo es posible, pero sólo si nos mantenemos unidos.

Plenary Panelists:

Jeremy Corbyn, member of the British Parliament since 1983, has been an anti-racist activist throughout his life and has always fought for social justice in UK and around the World. He was leader of the Labor Party from 2015 to 2019, the party became the largest party in Europe and very popular for its socialist policies of the Manifestos in 2017 and 2019. He is the founder of the Peace & Justice Project in 2021 which will continue to campaign for peace, social justice and human rights around the world.

Dilma Rousseff, Former President of Brazil, Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT)

Kara Taggaoa is a trade union leader who serves as the Secretary for International Affairs of Philippine labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU). She studied Sociology at the University of the Philippines. She was first organized in an anti-imperialist youth organization that strongly integrated with and campaigned for workers’ rights. Since her teenage years, she was active in workers and peoples issues, and in the collective crafting of alternatives and solutions.

Karina Sosa, Adjunct Secretary General FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front), El Salvador left political party 

Mônica Valente, Executive Secretary of Foro de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo Forum)

Omar Barghouti, Palestine, Co-founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement 

DSA Convention: Socialist Internationalism and DSA

August 8, 2021

Event description: 

International solidarity has always been a core element of socialist movements. Learn how DSA’s International Committee has been developing an internationalist politics for the 21st century. Current members of the International Committee will discuss their current work, including building ties to mass parties in Latin American, opposing US interventions and working to end vaccine apartheid.


Moderator: Blanca Estevez, National Political Committee

Chip Gibbons, IC Steering Committee

Jana Silverman, IC-Americas co-chair 

Dylan Awalt-Conley, IC-AntiWar co-chair

Michael Galant, IC-Econ+Trade co-chair and former IC Secretariat 

Florent Marchais, IC-Europe co-chair