DSA IC Reports

IC Quarterly Analysis – Q3 2020

Period: 07/20–09/20
Volume 1, Issue 1

At its 2019 convention, Democratic Socialists of America voted that its International Committee should produce for members a quarterly newsletter of news and analysis about international events. In this inaugural issue, the International Committee presents news and analysis about a number of international issues we believe to be of importance to the DSA membership, including the restoration of democracy in Bolivia, the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Left, Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests, and how a socialist government in Kerala, India, is tackling the coronavirus. We have a world to win. 

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IC Quarterly Newsletter – Q3 2020

Quarterly International Committee Newsletter
Period: 07/20–09/20
Volume 1, Issue 1
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DSA 2019 Convention Report

The following is a report from the DSA International Committee focused on the international guests invited to the 2019 DSA Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. This report has been approved by the International Committee. Special assistance was provided by Committee member Ella Wind in drafting it. This report is hereby submitted to the DSA National Political Committee by International Committee Co-chairs Ethan Earle and Carrington Morris. 

This report includes a summary of the International Committee’s activities and programming, invited international guests, international resolutions passed at the convention, and concluding analysis.

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