DSA Call for Action on Venezuela

The Trump regime issues almost daily threats of military action against the people of Venezuela, and U.S. imposed economic sanctions are killing Venezuelan workers and children. The U.S. government is also trying to seize the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC, an act that is prohibited by the Vienna Convention.

The U.S. war machine has repeatedly invaded countries around the world, engaging in corporate-backed coups to feed the U.S.-led capitalist system, and today we are witnessing yet another such aggression by our government.

We are issuing a nationwide call for action.

At the invitation of the Maduro government, U.S. activists are living inside the Venezuelan embassy, protecting it from invasion by U.S.-backed coup supporters.

The Trump regime is illegally blockading the embassy, using the Secret Service in a failed attempt to intimidate the activists. The Secret Service prevents food deliveries to the Embassy Protection Collective, including DSA members, and stands by idly as pro-coup supporters brutalize them.

Yesterday, the Secret Service and an opposition mob attacked the president of Veterans for Peace, who was making a food delivery. The 72-year-old man required medical treatment. Last night, electrical power to the embassy was illegally cut off, and an attack on the embassy may be imminent.

We urge DSA chapters and members to visibly and vocally protest U.S. imperialism in Venezuela by supporting three ongoing campaigns:

Support the Embassy Protection Collective:

  • If you’re in Washington, DC, go to the Venezuelan embassy (1099 30th St NW) to show your support, as many Metro DC DSA members have done. Be prepared to conduct an emergency rally if the Secret Service forcibly evicts the Embassy Protection Collective.
  • Call the Secret Service at 202-287-0001 and demand they allow food deliveries and protect U.S. citizens.  
  • Contact your representatives and senators and ask them to visit the embassy to observe the Secret Service as it denies food to the Embassy Protectors and allows coup supporters to attack U.S. citizens.

Urge Congressional leadership to push back against Trump’s imperialist agenda:

  • Contact your representatives and senators and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 1004 and S.J. Res. 11, Prohibiting Unauthorized Military Action in Venezuela Act.
  • Visit the local offices of your representatives and senators to talk about the legislation.
  • Contact Rep. Engel, Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Sen. Risch, Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and urge them to press their respective leadership for a floor vote.
  • Contact Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader McConnell and demand that the legislation be brought to the floor for an immediate floor vote.  
  • Attend physical and virtual town halls conducted by members of Congress and discuss U.S. activities in Venezuela.
  • Sign the petition to indicate that you don’t support U.S. action in Venezuela.

Get the word out in your communities:

  • Generate local awareness by preparing informational displays and conducting “teach-ins” at public events, in libraries and at colleges/universities.  
  • Write letters to the editors of local newspapers.
  • Be prepared to conduct an emergency rally if the U.S. government uses military force in Venezuela.
  • Follow the DSA Venezuela Solidarity Facebook page for continuous, updated information. Email us at [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter @dsavenezuela. DSA Venezuela Solidarity is an offshoot of the DSA International Committee.

The Democratic Socialists of America supports the Embassy Protection Collective and condemns the coup attempts by the U.S. As recent history illustrates, U.S. military intervention in other nations brings misery and death, not democracy and freedom. #HandsOffVenezuela!