Covid-19, Crisis, and Conflict in Europe

Saturday, September 26, at 2pm (Eastern Time)

COVID-19 Map of Europe

More than 170,000 people have died in Europe from Covid-19 and the economy has pitched into a crippling recession. Healthcare and political systems across the continent have been pushed to the breaking point, raising critical questions about the role of governments, trade unions, social movements and political parties on both the left and the right.

Join a panel of European activists and experts to learn about how the depth of the crisis and how the left and social movements are responding.


Petter Nilsson is a member of the Center for Marxist Social Studies and works for the Left Party in Stockholm.

Ornella Punzo is a medical doctor specializing in Internal Medicine. She has practiced in Italy, Malawi, and the UK and currently works in the National Institute of Health in the Communicable Diseases Department where she has been involved in COVID-19 surveillance.

Jorge Luis Díaz González is Medicine and Public Health in the Mar de Barcelona Hospital. He is the Communication Officer for the Association of Preventive Medicine and Public Health Resident Physicians and a member of Anticapitalistas.

Lara McNeill is a physician at Eastbourne District General Hospital and the Young Labour Representative on the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee.

Meeting will be live streamed on DSA International Facebook page.

Hosted by Europe Subcommittee of the DSA International Committee.