DSA International Committee

June 2, 2020—Join the IC Middle East + Africa Subcommittee for:

Labor & Popular Struggles in the Middle East & North Africa

Presented by Joel Beinin, Bill Fletcher, Brahim Rouabah, and Rabab Elnaiem
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Our Mission

The International Committee’s mission is to help DSA and its membership to connect in solidarity with like-minded activists, workers, movements, and parties worldwide.

Within DSA membership, we hope to contribute to international political education and to support the growth of international solidarity work in local chapters across the country. We additionally aim to support national campaigns for international justice and to help provide a network for internationalism for membership across the country.

Internationally, we seek to serve as a conduit allowing comrades and interested parties from abroad to connect with DSA, either at the national or at the local level. We also hope to assist DSA leaders and membership to connect to movements and parties struggling abroad for racial, social, economic, and climate justice.

Through this work, we aspire to present DSA to international comrades, both in the U.S. and abroad, as the pluralistic, multi-tendency, democratic socialist organization that it is, and to represent it on this basis.

About the International Committee

Our Past

DSA’s International Committee has been around for more than two decades, and has been officially recognized by the NPC, first in 2003 and again in 2015. Over these decades, and often in parallel with the ebbs and flows of DSA as a national organization, the committee has gone through periodic swings between activity, inactivity, and rejuvenation.

In mid-2018, a request was made by the NPC for existing committee members to create a structure and procedures to update the committee so as to respond to the new needs and reality of DSA as an organization.

Our Present

On this basis, we have been serving since late 2018 as an interim body in an active process to reconstitute the committee along these lines. This has been a huge challenge, particularly in terms of creating a structure that can sustain the new size and activity of the organization without totally overwhelming those of us who are working on it as activists in our spare time.

That said, over the past months we have made progress in this reconstitution process, including: culling the committee down to active members (about 40 at present); electing co-chairs (Carrington Morris and Ethan Earle); establishing four world-regional working groups (each with elected chairpersons); developing working rules and procedures; and beginning to build connections to local DSA groups doing international work.

We have also gotten into the core work that brings us here, among other things: creating educational materials for DSA members in the U.S. and traveling abroad; producing memos and statements on international political situations for the NPC; hosting conference calls for membership to support international political campaigns; providing interstitial support for international campaigns; and connecting comrades from abroad with DSA’s national leadership as well as its local chapters.

At the 2019 DSA Convention

Please see our Report from the 2019 Convention.

Why do we do international work?

As democratic socialists, we believe we must also be internationalists. We believe that working people around the world have more in common with each other than they do with the bosses in their own countries. We believe that struggles ranging from peace to climate justice, from anti-racism to women’s liberation, can only be won if we work together.

We believe that we are engaged in a common international struggle, and are therefore concerned about what is happening to the working classes in other countries, about their human rights and workers’ rights, about their struggles for democracy, for justice, and for socialism.

We often face the same enemies: multinational banks and corporations, as well as other financial, political, and military organizations. These enemies work together across borders, and to defeat them it will be necessary for us to unite in our struggle against the multifold oppressions they commit against poorer countries and the vast majority of people and our shared planet.

This is why we do international work, and this is why we believe that DSA is and must always be an internationalist organization.